Rosewood Residences Hillsboro Beach
Rosewood Residences Hillsboro Beach

Intimate Oceanfront Living

Discover the Rosewood experience along an intimate stretch of Hillsboro Mile. Spanning both the Intracoastal and Atlantic Ocean, Rosewood Residences Hillsboro Beach shapes a narrative of intimate oceanfront living within an inspired setting of thoughtful luxury and enriched amenities.

A discovery of self, a new chapter scored with deeper meaning, enriched purpose, and a life of authentic expression.

A New Beginning

Featuring a 3-story intracoastal facing condominium and 10-story oceanfront tower, Rosewood Residences unfolds like an epic novel along Hillsboro Mile.

Highly tailored and exclusive offerings boast a combined 37,000 SF of intracoastal and oceanfront amenities and marina for an inspired lifestyle of meaningful experiences with a deep sense of connection to place, to self, to an expansive future.

Oceanfront Tower
Artist’s Conceptual Rendering; Surrounding Buildings and Landmarks Modified or Omitted

This is intimate oceanfront living.